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 Awesome Ideas!

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Awesome Ideas! Empty
PostSubject: Awesome Ideas!   Awesome Ideas! EmptyThu Dec 25, 2014 7:24 am

It's me again lol
But I had an idea, we/you should put Steven Universe in (I saw his concept art) I know it wouldn't work that well because it's not an old cartoonetwork show, but this is an idea.

You go to Steven's partially messed up house with glowing green      vines and such, when you go in you see Steven in front the gem portal, he tells you that the portal door is shut closed because of fusion matter.
You have to defeat a little boss, which is gonna be a giant fusion spawn or making a fusion contaminated creature like the gems usually fight.
Once you defeat it, the fusion matter on the door will go away allowing you and Steven to pass through.
You start off in Pearl's room where you see her NPC poking and tippy toeing and the fusion monsters nervously because they are gross looking.
When you get closer to her a little cut scene shows a fusion monster manages to jump on top Pearl and she falls out of frame, than she gets up and turns into a fusion (Yes I know fusions are created by Lord Fuse, but it got to her gem, her main power source and turned her into a fusion)
You have to fight her along with Steven, her special attack is she creates a ring of spears and such and throws it at you.
She will return in to her gem to heal in which you give to Dexter.
Once you defeat her you drop down to Amethyst's room (By the way Pearl's water falls and such are contaminated with fusion matter) and you see a fusion monster on her arm. head, legs and in her mouth (she attempted to eat one lol)
Once she actually eats it she falls out of frame again and when she gets up she turns into a fusion again and you have to defeat her again. She turns into her gem form and you have to drop down one more time to Garnet's room.
There you just see Garnet standing up while being attacked by fusion monsters, as if nothing is even going on.
When you talk to her she says "I got this" and you defeat 3 waves of fusion monsters, once you do so a mini boss comes up and thats when Garnet get's defeated.
Once you defeat the boss, you  go to Dexter where ever you guys might put him.
He takes the gems and speeds up the heal process and such, causing the gems to get out of the gem and back to normal, but in the process created 3 nanos in which you choose yourself.
Nano Garnet has a strong punching attack (Similar to Buttercup) and she does a ground pound.
Amethyst can heal you or make your health go down slower by giving you donuts or any other food she apparently has on her.
Pearl gives you some extra speed, barely noticeable but you are slightly faster.
Hope you guys like this idea Smile
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Awesome Ideas! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Awesome Ideas!   Awesome Ideas! EmptySat Feb 21, 2015 7:07 am

you should make that when you warp into a lair dr. dimension will open a portal to it. it whould me pretty cool
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Awesome Ideas!
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