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 Hi! I am fastboy701!

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PostSubject: Hi! I am fastboy701!   Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:31 am

Hello everyone, I am fastboy701. Man, if my teacher was reading this she would say "fastboy701, don't put your name in the first sentence! That is very dumb!" But, this is about my likes about fusion fall and my memories.Back in 2009, I joined Fusionfall, thanks to my computer shutting down, I forgot the password. Then in 2013 I got back on fusionfall. I had so much fun, but then I remembered: T bounce there was a cutscene at the beginning, and back in 2009 it had a story... now there is barely a story because there is this academy. But I didn't care! My favorite nanos where Johnny Bravo (Not born in the 90s by the way, I lost my remote while I  was watching boomerang, and I loved Carl, and Johnny), then Blossom, and then Numbuh Three because she was so awesome, and I loved that show! But I also gave the other nanos I got. But of course, everything I join gets shut down in months time, and my favorite game came to an abrupt close. I actually did not know until I went back and couldn't find it. I went a whole two years not remembering it, then I just kind of remembered it during last week. I had an idea for fusionfall returning, but people have already made that happen! You guys!
All of you can do the impossible! FIGHT THE POWER!
Goodbye! I am going to post more soon!
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PostSubject: Re: Hi! I am fastboy701!   Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:08 pm

hi fastboy701. nice to meet ya
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PostSubject: Re: Hi! I am fastboy701!   Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:50 am

This is a disbanded forum and not the real thing, you could find that here: https://www.facebook.com/theFFLcommunity/timeline?ref=page_internal As for an explanation, that could be found here: http://legacy.fusionmodhq.com/faq.php they are also working on the website here: http://legacy.fusionmodhq.com/
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PostSubject: Re: Hi! I am fastboy701!   

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Hi! I am fastboy701!
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